Style your home with Winter Charm

Festive elegance for you and your loved ones.

Style your home with Winter Charm

Festive elegance for you and your loved ones

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Featured Collections

  • Cats

    Cats (14)

    Cats A precious pussycat stares into the sparkling night sky in this enchanting collection. 'Moving back to my home town of red brick terraced houses thick with felines warmed my soul, very different to the rural setting I'd moved from.'
  • Hares

    Hares (14)

    Hare Symbolic of new beginnings, a glorious moon gazing hare stretches upwards towards the sparkling night sky in this enchanting collection. 'I'd often see hares in the black furrows of the fields, when I lived and worked at the cottage. The solitary moon gazing hare, symbolic of new beginnings struck a chord with me, starting out on my journey making…
  • Hedgerow

    Hedgerow (13)

    Hedgerow Hedgerow silhouettes are beautifully arranged and carefully framed with an ombre of colour, in this elegant collection. 'Have you ever laid on your back and looked up at the sky through all the silhouettes that the bountiful hedgerow offers. I adore the contrast between the sky, and the foliage and colour in the design, the effect gives my pieces…
  • Jewellery

    Jewellery (7)

    Jewellery Add a splash of colour to your outfit with these beautiful handmade glass drops. Elegant and easy to wear glass jewellery. With a variety of unique pieces, you can really emphasise your creativity when you add one of our contemporary classics to your outfit. 'When I make glass jewellery, drops of colour & light dance and sparkle. it always…
  • Signature

    Signature (7)

    Signature Collection The signature collection pulls together Colette Halstead Glass statement pieces, to wow your beautiful home. 'Each piece in this collection takes my glass onto another level. Creating pieces of this calibre fill me with an incredible amount satisfaction. In this collection the glass pushes my artistic ideas & skills beyond my limits, for me this is what making…
  • Stags

    Stags (16)

    Stag An enchanting night scene is captured in this magical collection, a glimpse of the noble stag, king of the forest and protector of all other creatures.
  • Summer Meadow

    Summer Meadow (11)

    Summer Meadow Darting dragonflies, tall arching foxgloves & an abundance of wild flowers capture the dreamy days of Summer in this enchanting collection. The graceful dragonfly with it's many forms symbolises transformation and adaptability in life, reminding us of the wisdom of change. 'My Summer Meadow Collection captures warmer days and a moment in time. Laid on the lawn, my…
  • Winter Decorations

    Winter Decorations (48)

    Winter Decorations A wonderful selection of collectable and handmade glass decorations for your festive home. 'One of my favourite times of the year to decorate my home with these beautiful nordic style glass decorations. I cannot wait to start making these sparkling beauties each year, such a highlight to the long dark nights of Winter.'

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Handmade in Lancashire

Inspired by skylines and shadowy silhouettes, Colette melds her skills and experience to craft her unique glass art.

Glass art from Colette Halstead, Lancashire

About Colette

Colette takes her inspiration from both rural and urban British Landscapes. She crafts her charming collections using a combination of ancient glass making techniques and fine art printing skills.

Colette Halstead Glass - Handmade in Lancashire


Apply your creativity with our affordable glass making workshops for groups of six. Glass is an amazing material and people are continually surprised how good their first work comes out.