About Colette

Colette takes her inspiration from both rural and urban British Landscapes.

Handcrafted Glass - My Story

It’s important that I design & create glass which is timeless, that reflects a passion to combine beauty with function. To produce pieces using quality materials and skilful techniques that will grace many beautiful homes for years to come.

I studied Fine Art at Manchester, graduating with traditional printmaking skills. Since studying glass in 2004 I’ve experimented using printing techniques in my work, developing a unique style. Combining silkscreen printing, sieving and hand painting I layer my ideas into glass. 

Inspired by skylines and shadowy silhouettes, my work is almost always a response to my surroundings, skylines recalled from memory, tranquil, nostalgic, dream-like.

Above all I create pieces that I hope give a joy and happiness to those who hold them.

“Glass is a delight to work with. I’ve enjoyably taught fused glass and stained glass to a broad range of ages since 2006. As a successful glass maker and qualified teacher I joyfully inspire others along their glass making journey, from my studio in Lancashire.”

– Colette